Save Big With Rosegal This Halloween


Since childhood, Halloween has always held a very dear place in all of our hearts. It
captivates with a sense of romance and excitement. New relationships are formed and
memories that last a lifetime are created. With Halloween knocking on the door, it is important to try and stay ahead of the trends with a fashion sense that showcases your
inner ‘Boo!’. Perhaps more importantly, it is finally time to have a fun-filled Halloween
that doesn’t break the budget. So, to ensure that this Halloween is special, Rosegal has
introduced scary ways for you to save on outfits this Halloween.Enjoy 20% OFF With
Coupon: RGGOO and Shopping Now!
Coupon Madness with Rosegal
To help you and your wallet this Halloween, Rosegal has created the most exciting coupon system
yet. Simply use the code “HALLOWEEN12” and receive:
 $3 off purchases $29 and more
 $7 off purchases $59 and more
 $12 off purchases $89 and more
This special is limited to the first 500 customers of the day, so avoid disappointment by being first in line to receive these scary discounts. Rosegal takes the cost out of Halloween so that you can simply focus on the fun.

An Extensive Range

Rosegal is proud to present a variety-filled range that boasts all kinds of costumes to suit the needs of any type of client. From vintage 1920-themed dresses and blouses to more contemporary Halloween costumes, we cater to all who seek a costume that brings out that inner child.
Moreover, we also have provision for a plus-size Halloween, as we offer plus-size Halloween costumes in the form of dresses, blouses, cocktail dresses, and more. Thus, we ensure that Halloween is fun for all of our clients.

Lightning-Fast Delivery

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What to Expect
With Rosegal , we offer an exciting range of Halloween-based products that are ready to help you take that party or gathering by storm. Aided by our extreme coupon adventure, we have ensured that our clients are best positioned to save this Halloween.
In both our men’s and women’s ranges, we offer supreme quality whilst maintaining a price range that is competitive in every aspect. With our coupon system, we have created the means for our clients to enjoy even more budget-friendly ideas, as we take your exciting ideas and turn them into reality. For those who have missed the specials, we also offer an encore period which gives you free gifts to choose from provided your purchase exceeds $79. 1

Remember: coupons are limited to the first 500 customers every day. To avoid
disappointment, visit to start your Halloween the right way. With our friendly staff who delight to serve our clients and prices which are in place to provide a
suitably fun Halloween for everyone, Rosegal is the name that is fast becoming synonymous with the pinnacle of Halloween fun and adventure. Whether you’re looking
for a plus-sized women’s costume or a unique men’s hoodie to dazzle your friends, is the destination for you.

1 Upon refund, the gifts will need to be returned alongside the refunded purchase.


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