Dropship-clothes and Dear Lover review

Just to let you guys know I got some cute dresses from this awesome website called Dropship-Clothing  They also have a website called Dear Lover where you can buy wholesale clothing. These are great for summer. I love the fact that they have fashionable clothes for every occasion and the best thing is.. THE PRICE!
OMG, prices are super cheap, you can get dresses from $5 usd and a complete outfit for $15 

The quality is great and they fit perfectly, all the dresses I’ve picked have nice fabrics. Shipping was quite fast… It took 15 days to arrive (I live in mexico and I got it via sepomex), because I used the normal shipping delivery system, but I think they have a faster one.  You can find trendy dresses. jumpsuits, shirts, pants, sweaters, bikinis, blouses, coats… everything

So here are some pictures of me wearing the items I got.

I really recommend you this website if you want trendy clothes and good quality. They offer worldwide shipping.



Captura de pantalla 2019-07-05 a la(s) 22.41.39k1








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