Blendjet 2 reviews and coupon code

1283 / 5000 I'm loving this new portable blender called Blendjet 2. It's super handy, you can take anywhere, to work, school, to the gym and you can make smoothies, protein shakes, cake batter, etc. Before buying it I googled "blendjet reviews" to see what other people had to say about the product, I had the … Continue reading Blendjet 2 reviews and coupon code

Vichy normaderm phytosolution

En mi búsqueda por encontrar un producto que me ayudara a controlar mi piel mixta, descubrí Vichy normaderm phytosolution, pero para que sirve? Es un gel que te ayuda a controlar el sebo, grasa de tu piel y las imperfecciones como acné, poros dilatados, puntos negros y puntos blancos, te mantiene la cara más limpia, … Continue reading Vichy normaderm phytosolution

Vichy mineral 89 para que sirve ?

Vichy mineral 89 para que sirve ?

Lightroom presets mobile

Lightroom is the most used editing program by photographers, influencers, celebrities and Instagramers. Many photographers prefer Lightroom to Photoshop and the reason is TIME! and facilities for photo edition. Lightroom presets are "shortcuts" with so you can convert your picture from just one click, to a beautiful wedding photography for example. The way you edit … Continue reading Lightroom presets mobile

How to make money online from home, I bought a car

Whether you're looking to make some fast cash or you really need the money to survive, I'm going to tell you my story. 10 years ago, I was looking for a job like all recent college graduates. I went to many interviews and realized that the salary was awful (I live in Mexico). So I … Continue reading How to make money online from home, I bought a car