Yoins reviews y comentarios

yoins reviews

Les quiero compartir unas prendas que me llegaron de YOINS! Es la primera vez que pido ropa de su tienda desde México y la verdad tuve una buena experiencia. Muchas veces nos da miedo hacer compras por internet porque no sabemos si nos van a llegar las cosas, si embargo les puedo asegurar que yoins … Continue reading Yoins reviews y comentarios


Viviscal Funciona ! Review


Estoy muy emocionada de contarles los resultados que he obtenido en mi cabello con un suplemento llamado Viviscal ! (I am excited to tell you the results I obtained in my hair with a supplement called Viviscal!) Les cuento... Llevaba años estancada con el largo de mi cabello, parecía que no crecía y lo peor... … Continue reading Viviscal Funciona ! Review

NUTRICERAT: Miracle in a bottle for DRY and Damaged hair (Review)

Nutricerat is a hair treatment recommended by my dermatologist to treat super damaged hair! It is from a french company named Ducray. What it does is nourish it and give it a better appearance. I found it in a promotion that included shampoo and cream together. You need to use the shampoo 2 or 3 … Continue reading NUTRICERAT: Miracle in a bottle for DRY and Damaged hair (Review)

What is Beauty Coolture?

I believe in this project with all of my heart and hope i can provide to you content that is useful in your daily lives to help you improve your image (inside and out!)I’ve always had a great desire to own a space where I could share with you my experiences, and all I read … Continue reading What is Beauty Coolture?