Newchic review and coupon code

I know you're looking for Newchic reviews and your main question might be: Is Newchic legit??... And the answer is, Yes it is!! I love newchic clothes and the fact that they have fashionable clothes for every occasion and the best thing is.. THE PRICE! You can find bikinis, dresses, pants, blazers, everything!! It has … Continue reading Newchic review and coupon code

7 Types Of Wholesale Jeans Every Woman Must Invest In

Buying jeans is not easy at all because trends keep coming and going. Besides that, there are also endless styles you can choose from for your outfits. The key is to find the fitting jeans that complement your body and outfit in the best way possible. One of the best things you can do is … Continue reading 7 Types Of Wholesale Jeans Every Woman Must Invest In

Valentines day outfits

The little red dress is perfect for Valentine's day which is just around the corner and it's a great opportunity to wear red. The color of passion and sexiness. Wether you're spending the day with your friends or your boyfriend, it's always nice to dress for the occasion. So here are some of my favorite … Continue reading Valentines day outfits


I just found a nice website where you can get nice and affordable clothes if you're into Y2K, Gen Z fashion. They have blazers, dresses, sweaters, skirts... everything you can imagine. The name is RINSTA This website is all about the 2000's so you can expect a colorful outfit, with light pastel colors like pinks, … Continue reading Y2K FASHION FOR WOMEN